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Default Re: I aquired another VW

Well it's been a year now since acquiring this V-Rod and I have been driving the shit out of it, as well as driving the gas out of it, I don't like sticking my gas tank (gas gauge), and I should start doing it rite along with the oil, 1st thing before I start it daily.

I think I'm gonna modify the bottom of the gas tank from my 66 Bug. I'm gonna hafta make another rectangle for the tank to sit on and raise it up as high as possible so I can keep it at 10 gallons, that will take care of having to stick the tank everyday because it has a mechanical gas gauge which uses a cable to move the needle from "E" (which mean Enough to Run out once I'm 1 mile from a gas station) the cable also moves the needle to the "F" which means I'm "Fine" to drive it a while without worrying about gas.

I have also been wanting to cut my rear fenders down and then lower the ass end down a few notches, or 3 to 4 inches how ever many notches that is, in the past I have only raised them up on my dune buggy and a baja I once had so it shouldn't be all that bad, altho it may take me 1 day per side rather than both sides in a few hours, I'm much older and move much slower than I could 5 to 6 years ago.

So before cutting the original fenders down I used a set of baja fenders that were in bad condition, I bolted 1 of them on and marked it where I wanted to cut it, took it off and cut it, then used it so I could cut the other side to about the same amount, I also cut and drilled holes for my tail lights and turn signal lights.
So then I mounted the fenders onto the car to see if it looked as I thought it would, well it was close (pics to follow).

I think I need to leave them a bit wider, like maybe about 2 inches per side, or maybe more, then my plan is to bend some light weight tubing (I may use conduit because I have several pieces of 1/2 inch diameter about 8 foot sections with a 90 degree bend at one end, I'll weld that to the edge of the fender where I cut them so it has that rounded edge rather than a sharp edge, I'm just trying to decide if 1/2 inch conduit will do the job or if I should go get some 3/4 inch conduit, guess I'll use the 1/2 inch because I have lots of that, if it looks good I'll go with it, if not I'll try 3/4 inch.

Now for the pics, IT DEFINITELY needs the ass end dropped down at least 4 inches

Front view

Left rear angle view

Right rear angle view

Rear view

Side view

As you can see it needs to be dropped a bunch, so tomorrow I'm gonna start by dropping it a few splines, or 3 to 4 inches. I plan to drop the body down over the chassis as well, basically a tranny raise and possibly a beam raise as well, then once I get it to where I want it, I'm a chop the top, or maybe I'll chop the top 1st then drop the body.
I guess we shall see how things go once January gets here who knows.

The reason it looks as if I was driving out in the mud is due to some road construction they were doing yesterday (Monday Oct 24th) when I was driving over to "Wraithblade's" house to check out his V-Rod, which I must say looks super nice when he gets it all finished, especially all the billet aluminum parts he machined for it himself.
Kinda what I had in mind for mine except I plan to cast as much as I can so I don't need a big block of aluminum that will reduce it's weight well over 3/4 of what it weighed before cutting anything

The one thing I know I'm gonna do differently when cutting the original steel rear fenders is to leave more on the sides so they are about 2 to 3 inches wider per side, then cut them lower in the rear so I can put an early deck lid on it and make it flow together when finished.

I'll try to modify the rear view picture using the "Paint" picture editing software that comes on all the computer I have ever had, or I may try the picture editing on Photo Buckets and see if I can do a better job with that, I have no idea what all can be done using that.

So I'm gonna play around with editing the rear view picture using my Paint program that came with the computer or Photo Buckets, so it may not look exactly what I want it to look like.
IF I had ink in my printer I would just print a few or the pictures and then do my kind of old fashioned picture editing.
It involves literally "cutting and pasting" using scissors, glue, and marker or crayons as my "Poor Man's Photo Shop" program, it takes less time for me to do it that way than it does on this here computer

That's it for now

"Can't" is a word that means your to lazy to even try.

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