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Default Re: I aquired another VW

So I dropped the ass end down a few notches, 3 outer notches to be exact, I ended up raising it back up 1 notch the next day because it was really bouncy and the rear spring plates would hit the upper stop with every bump I hit and I had to get my Trigger Finger fixed Friday October 28th and didn't want it riding like that for about 2 weeks when i can get back to normal activities

I plan to notch a set of extra spring plates so there is more room between the spring plate and the upper stop, I don't wanna notch out the spring plates on it because they are the dual plates and I wanna use them on my Dune Buggy

A few pictures

Left side, and the date is wrong on the pictures, the time would be correct if it said PM rather than AM

Right side, and that's the front of my house in the backround

Rear quarter view

Rear View

I never did edit the rear view to show how I plan to cut the steel fenders, but I plan to leave much more on the rear so it blends in with an early deck lid, I plan to replace the late model deck lid some time this week, then I will start cutting the original rear fenders
I almost hate to cut them because they are in purty good shape, but what the hell, after I cut them maybe I'll post a For Sale add on the Samba to sell what's left of the rear fenders once I cut them up

I also think I'm gonna need to add a set of coil over springs to the rear to make up for the worn out torsion bars on this here V-Rod, I'll just see how it goes and how it rides and go from there. I also wish I had a PhotoShop program and knew how to use it, I can draw a line on one of the rear view pictures to show about how I want it to look.

Any and all comments and/or criticism welcomed

Just so ya's know about what I want it to look like is something similar to how the rear end of Timbo's light blue V-Rod looks (sorry if it's not light blue Timbo, but that's what it looks like to me and I'm color blind when it comes to certain shades of colors, I can get all thge primary colors right, but I can't passa test for color blindness all I know is my wife and I argue about certain colors, I say green, she says blue, I say pink, and she says purple

Yes she is ALWAYS correct, I have learned over the last 28-1/2 years that she is always right about everything, especially when it comes to colors

"Can't" is a word that means your to lazy to even try.

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