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Default Re: I aquired another VW

Well this past Friday, I got the set of piston rings I ordered along with an oil temp gauge and sending unit

Today I put the temp sending unit into the oil pressure port on the rear left side, I had to dig out a Tee fitting so I can run the oil pressure light, an oil pressure gauge (which I just leave installed on a Tee) then the oil temp sender goes in

I hope tomorrow morning to get the oil temp gauge mounted and a new piece of wire run to it, then it will be funtional

This Friday I plan to install the piston rings, It's one of those tear it down Friday as soon as I get home, then I hope to get it apart, hone the cylinders, then clean and install the new piston rings and get everything back together so I can drive it Monday morning

I'm praying for a rainless weekend and calm winds, nothing worse than tearing an engine halfway apart and then the wind starts blowing with 30 MPH gusts, just makes it tough to keep everything nice and clean

If I had a small heavy duty table I could bring into the house I'd bring it in and put the rings in it while inside

Next on the list of wants, a cylinder head temp gauge, but I'll get the heater finished before that, just gotta figure out how to hook up a 4 speed blower switch to the blower motor
What I have is a blower motor with 2 squirrel cage type fans, it works with the 2 wires hooked up but I would like to wire up the 4 speed switch to it.
The switch has 4 positions and 4 wire connections, the blower itself has 2 wires, one positive and one negative, I'm not real sure how to wire it up?

I can try to get it right before I even put it into the car by using my 120 volt to 12 volt converter, I can hook it up and change it until it speeds it up and slows it down, it will have it's own on off switch. After all that I'll just need to plumb all the ducting from the heater boxes to the heater channels and then back thru the heater boxes
It may not look all that good, but as long as it works, I'll be happy

"Can't" is a word that means your to lazy to even try.

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