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Default Re: I aquired another VW

Well after searching here yesterday I found the info I was looking for after an hour of reading (yes when you search, it may require lots of reading until you find what you need) I was looking to see what the oil temp of a AC VW engine should be once at normal operating temp

So, I bought a VDO oil temp gauge and sending unit and adapter for the oil pressure sender, hooked it up and it only reads to maybe 120 degrees, gauge goes from 120 to 300 degrees. It says to use a min 16 ga stranded wire which I had on hand, I kept it as short as possible

I may try a 12 ga wire because that's all I have and I don't wanna buy more wire just yet

One other thing, it has been in the upper 20's and 30's this past week, I've been driving it almost 90 miles a day with the gauge in for the last 2 days, and I know the oil is much warmer than 120 degrees, but then again maybe I should double check it using a regular thermometer

Any ideas ??
Others with oil temp gauge have any touble, or use larger wire than 16 ga?

I have went thru the instructions a few times to see if it had a minimum length wire to use, and to go the next size wire.
I also looked and found a trouble shooting page for VDO gauges and sender (when doing my search here), it is the exact paper that came with my gauge

Thank ya's

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