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Default Re: I aquired another VW

Originally Posted by 66 Shorty View Post
Ron, (not speaking from experience, but,) from what I've read. You don't want to put the actual oil temp sensor in a "T" where you put the oil pressure sensor... From what I read it doens't get enough oil flowing over it, & won't give you a good reading, Maybe that's what you are experiencing???
Well I bought the gauge and sender from CB Performance along with the adapter to keep your pressure sender, the oil temp sender has a 14mm thread which screw into the end of the adapter, then the adapter screws into the engine where the oil pressure sender originally goes, it has a threaded hole in the adapter for the pressure sender
So it's hooked up exactly how it's supposed to be hooked up according to the instructions

I may try tapping a hole into the bottom of the case so it sits at the bottom of the engine in the sump, then just put the pressure sender back where it belongs, that may take care of it

Guess I shall see as soon as I get around to more important things

Thanks again everybody

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