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Default Re: SoCal'ers! BBQ.. September :)

Again, I'll be there in Mind & Spirit, have a few double shots of Tequila for me, & make sure you get the good stuff "Cabo Wabo" it's a bit expensive, when we could afford it back during my drinking days, which were only until 2010, that's all my wife & I drank
Make sure it's ice cold before drinking it & drink a glass of water with each shot, you will never get that "Takillya feeling" I told everybody it was my "TakeepRonalive" drink

After my kidney transplant 1-2-2001, I had not had a drink in well over a year before, I was having a terrible time, my doc was changing my meds around to get my numbers where he wanted them, nothing was working, 6 months had gone by, that June my wife & I had planned our Honeymoon, we never had one after we got married, just the 2 of us rented an 18 person house boat at Kentucky's Cumberland lake, I was scheduled for a kidney biopsy the following Tuesday to see if it was going bad (my transplanted kidney), so on the way down we stopped & bought 2 half gallons of Jose Quervo, a few cases of beer, we finished it all during the 3 days on the boat
that Tuesday I went for my biopsy, they took blood, got me on the CAT scan machine, when my blood results came back, everything was fine, he canceled the biopsy, so over the next month, I was giving blood every Monday, Wednesday, & Friday, Mondays everything was great, by Friday, everything was in the red zone, so after 4 weks he asked me what I was doing over the weekends that I wasn't doing during the wek days, so I told him, every Friday & Saturday my wife & I were drinking a 1/5 of Tequila, he just told me that he doesn't recommend it, but to keep on doing what I was doing
Then my stomach started hurting every time I had a shot, it was like drinking battery acid (if you can imagine that feeling), so I stopped drinking it, then my lab results went crazy, after a few weeks he asked me what I was doing differently, I told him I quit drinking do to my stomach, it took well over 6 months of medication changes to get things right, I'll have a shot or 2 of Tequila every once in a while, possibly 4 times a year, but when I do, it's only Cabo Wabo Ice Cold

Enjoy your weekend everyone who goes, I'll be thinking of y'all Saturday, I may even have a shot or 2 of Tequila around 10 PM Cinci time, that's 7 PM Cali time

A long distance to y'all

"Can't" is a word that means your to lazy to even try.

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