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Time for an update I guess.
The engine had a bottom end rattle when starting and oil pressure would drop once hot. Not terrible, so I figured I would toss some bearings in it and call it good. Wrong!!! lol The bearings actually were in decent shape, but the crank was junk. The journals were shiny still but worn down.
So, I have ordered some goodies that will be in Wednesday. New stroker crank, h-beam rods, Engle w120 cam, straight-cut gears, oil pump with filter, and 1.25 rockers. I will finish doing some port work on the heads this weekend. I am hoping to have it in a local car show on Aug 12.

On a side note, I will be taking pics of progress, but not sure how I am going to share them now. (photobucket b.s.)I will figure out something I guess.
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