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Day 3 part 2

I'm still trying for the lazy slacker of the mounth award.
No the computer crashed before I could finish day 3.

Off with it's head.

Then it was time to take the body off the pan.

Cody talked me into breaking out my new plasma cutter to remove the firewall and back luggage tray.

Then it was time to set the roof back on to see what we needed to do to cut the body to fit, it was decided that I would take 2 1/2" out of center of the body and 3 1/2" from behind the doors.

After that it was time to fit it all back together.

Then triming lots of triming to get the C piller to set just right.

So at the end of day three this is how it sits.

The roof is just sitting on the car and there are only tack welds holding the boby mods in place at this time, I still need to remove the B pillers and finish triming the A & C pillers to fit to my liking then tack them into place, re-install the B pillers, door tops and try to decided how much I'm going to section out of the body and also the best place to do it. So there you have it this is how I spent my 3 day Thanksgiving weekend. Thanks again to Cody (67utahrat) for the help on the third day.

Untill next time.
Until next time...


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