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Default Project Cheapskate!...

this is my ...or shall i say my wifes volksrod truck!!

it's on a 67 pan and consists of a 1303 bonnet, a 50 Topolino body and a 32 Ford pick up drives and i'm just sorting the wiring (dont ask about the charging circuit!!) and it should be on the road all legal like by the end of July!!..I hope

started like this...

passenger roof on by paulatxntric, on Flickr

bulk head mocked up by paulatxntric, on Flickr

and is currently like this

bonnet and headlights fitted by paulatxntric, on Flickr

the seats (28 A sedan) need bolting in
wipers need putting on
steering wheel needs bolting up
wireing needs finishing
and a bit of tweeking of the engine and it should be good to go to it's free, insure and drive!!!
soundsa simple but it's bound not to be...and why cheapskate??

total spend so far is 580

if you click on the lettering at the bottom of the pics it will take you to my Flickr page where there are more pics

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