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Well, all I can say is one of you SOBs are gonna have to man up and take responsibility for making me do this...

I got home early yesterday and started preparing the car for the cuttin'..
ok, ok.... I didn;t do the cleaning..

Once it was all cleaned up, I started measuring for the cuts. I quickly realized it was all above my head, so I handed over the marker and tape tot he brains of the operation.

After 3 hours of measuring, marking, and taping, he came up with this...

Now, I'll admit, he's a little young, so I thought I'd toss up these pics for some of you more experienced folks to look at and see if anything pops out as a red flag about the layout. I didn;t do any cutting yesterday because I was fresh off from working the night shift and it was time to give my head a little rest time and then come back well rested before cutting.
So, does anything look out of place here, or did the little tike "appear" to get it right.
He did tell me that he was measuring the pillars to find a location that was as close tot he same as possible to minimize any relief cutting, so I went ahead and went with that. Kid seems to have an idea of what is going on here, but it is his first chop too...but he can surf the net pretty well himself (no joke there).
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