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Decided to push her out in the driveway today to get a better perspective of where I'm at and what adjustments I need to make.
The front half will need to be adjusted down another 1/2" it seems...not a bad thing really, the lower the better.

Put this comparison photo together so I could really see the difference...I'm pleased.

Side window fitted.

I'm not a great welder, by any means, but I'm slowly getting there.
Just seems like this metal is more resistant to the welding heat in some places than others in the same area. I was pissed when I blew my first hole because of the welding. I've had to take the settings to the lowest and adjust wire speed to take and fill. Not sure how well it is biting in, but from the backside it appears to have a good hold. I'll do some torture testing to a couple areas before I get to much further along. I also need to get a gas bottle so I can stop using this flux core after I'm done with all the tacking.

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