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I'd totally agree with Uncle's statement, "Some people prefer the look of the Link Pin shock towers" betcha!

Link pin suspension was favored by us old offroads because it was much sturdier than the ball joint version! Stock ball joints themselves would fail under the strain of offroading. The boots would rip and before long 'blamo' apart comes the ball joint and race over!

Kinda the same when lowering the frontend excessivly....(even with lowering ball joints). The ball joints just don't hold as well as the good ol' king/link pin suspensions.

I just installed my 8" extender today...My tips would be to: 1st disco the battery,drain and remove the gas tank. Disco to steering column and remove the shaft for later. Then only unbolt the body from the pan(Loosen the 2 rear shock tower bolts to the max-remove the rest.) not remove it completely. Jack up the front of the body till you have enough clearance Clarence to roll the front beam out(leave the tires/rims on!). Bolt up the extender and lower the body down to see exactly where you want to chop/hack/grind/torch/cut the inner quarter panels and spare tire well. Mark it and raise it back up & start cutting. Once you have enough removed (you think) roll your beam back in and loosely bolt it to your extender to see what more you want to cut away.. AND remember to allow enough clearance for your tie rods when the suspension is bottomed out! Took me less than 30 mins. Still have to deal with brake lines and the steering shaft mods..

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