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Whozawhat your are correct, good call

A beam extension brace is a must have
see speedfreak thread (search, beam extension thread)
it's pretty much a step buy step guide on how to do it

frame brace 2.jpg

everyone has a different way of doing it so it would be in someones best interest to learn the search function.

~and now a word to the wise about the search function~
Seriously if you are new here please use it. It is your absolute best friend, it will not judge you, it will not call you an idiot, or lazy all the info is here already for you to make that discovery of knowledge to empower yourself and get to it!
I will do my best to explain everything so that it will be "idiot proof" but I know for a fact that it is an impossible task. Just when I think I got it handled, the universe will make a better idiot and send him our way
I can't make it "idiot proof" the universe will just make a better idiot and send them my way
life is short make fun of it!

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