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Originally Posted by ssleeper View Post
1. I noticed it your picture of the mounted extender that there is a brake master cylinder with a resivour on top. What is that from and will it fit on my 63?

2. Also I plan on using 1/4 plate for this extender, is that too thick?
I don't mind adding some weight to the front end.
3. If you extend more than 8 inches to you need to add more than 8 degrees of caster to the front end? I want to extend the front end initially 10 inches on my first version but may want to go 12 inches. Do you need to add a degree of caster per inch of stretch?
1. Thats tequila's build ask him
2. no thats what I use
3. its all about the rake and the stance you want to run the higher the rear in relationship to the front, the more caster you will need, if you want to run it Gasser style the less caster you will need
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