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Originally Posted by zuez View Post
Ok, heres the questions,

1. On the 10" ball joint / ball joint - 2 1/2" drop, corrected for castor. Would I need to cut a notch in the hood/trunk/lid up front?

2. And would drop spindles, put the frontend dragging the ground?

3. Do you make a reverse hood hinge that mounts to the beam extender.
Answer to
Tilting the hood foreword is easy. I had some 1/4 plate from pieces of my original straight axle set up. Hard part was for a beginner welder to weld plate to sheet metal hood. Used a couple of grade 8 bolts. drilled a couple of holes in the beam uprights and done............. after a bunch of work fixing the burn through and warping of the hood!. But on the good side I don't hit my head any more working on stuff... like wiring or putting gas in! Oh, and did I say I love Dbug's 10" extender.......
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