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If you were keeping the vents on the side it would be a good excuse to adapt a 55 Chevy style 2-tone paint treatment.
The vents are going to go. The cooling air will come from the new rear cowl vents between the back glass and the decklid.

I have played around with some two tone paint ideas. I think they are back on Page 2 of this thread. Will have to revisit them with the new ideas I have for the side trim.


Got a little more done tonight, but nothing worth posting pics of. I got the 1" square tubing cross brace tacked in at the back edge of the rear window frame. I also cut and fit a brace for the front edge of the package tray.

Not too far away from being able to tack the roof back in place. I am going to flip it over and finish off the side window opening before tacking the roof in place. Much easier to do it with the roof upside down than after it is in place and I have to weld upside down.
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