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Default Re: Volksrodder Meals - real recipes for cutters, welders, and drivers

Don't know if this applies to the in a hurry...but it makes a lot and is great for leftovers. I love it while watching football in the winter too.
You'll need a crock pot or large stew pan.
"cowboy soup"
First brown about 1-2 lbs. of ground beef then drain.
add to crock pot or pan the:
cooked ground beef
1 large can ranch style beans
any of the following or all: canned corn, hominy, green beans
2 smaller cans Rotel (the tomatoes with peppers stuff)
1 or 2 pkgs taco seasoning
1 pkg powder ranch dip mix
I don't drain any of the vegetables and usually add just a little more water.
Heat in crockpot until hot enough for your taste.

I like to eat mine over a bed of Fritos and smothered with some shredded cheddar cheese... good stuff...where's my Tums

Now you got me all HONGRY again...
Brad B
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