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Default Re: Things that make you say.... WTF?

Originally Posted by JiI View Post
You have found a good person if you give respect and get it back. (Except Ron and Kim.)
ME?? I'm purty sure your fucking with me most of the time, well all the time (if in fact I'm the Ron you speak of above)
I have thick skin, just don't throws stones at me as my bones are getting to be brittle, kinda like glass, I took prednisone after my transplant for inflammation, they usually take you off it after a few months, but I took it do to all the inflammation I have in my joints, it worked great until I started reading up on it's side effects, after asking my doctor about the bone brittleness & he confirmed what I read, I quit taking it, 3 days later I couldn't get up out of bed without some ones help, that's why I always stay moving

That makes me say Why-TF do they even make drugs that cause such terrible side effects, but that's life, I'd so like to find some natural herb (or what ever the correct word is) that is an anti-rejection type drug except a natural thing without all the bad side effects

@ the son's & daughter's & sex, a daughter can only get pregnant once every 9 months, but a son can make a baby once a day or more

My wife gave both our 2 boys the sex talk at about the age of 10, she always told them about condoms, not only for birth control but so they couldn't get STD's, she also told them to wait until you get everything you want before thinking about sex & babies, cause once you have a child you have a responsibility & toys for you come last, or until the child turns 18 & finished high school
But it doesn't matter how much you talk to you children about sex & the consequences, if your not with them 24/7 to remind them "use a condom or no don't have sex", they quickly forget everything they have been told, & it was something she drilled into them everyday
Then at 17 years old (2004), our oldest son told my wife on April 1st that his girlfriend was pregnant, hell we hadn't even met her, & she wouldn't talk to us until around May of that year
When my wife told me (she took me out shopping so we would be around lots of people, she was afraid I'd lose it & smack the shit out of him or something) I said "it's just an April Fools joke", but it was no joke, that following November 30th our 1st grand daughter arrived
She was surprised how well I took it, I never thought I'd live long enough to become a grandparent, so I was happy

Now once our youngest turned 15, she bought condoms & told him where they were & if he ever even thinks about it to think & protect yourself & the girl you plan to have sex with (so he wouldn't make the same mistake & have children before graduating school), she still drilled into his head that sex isn't something you do just for fun, it is a responsibility you can't walk away from, wait until you get all the toys you want in life first, he will be 22 this July, so far he hasn't reproduced

"Can't" is a word that means your to lazy to even try.

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