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Default Re: Things that make you say.... WTF?

Originally Posted by d3ghia View Post
Why does society and men encourage and think its cool for their sons to engage in sexual encounters when they are teenagers?

"Hell yeah son, get that slut to ride your #@&! or put it in her mouth"

Why do you NOT encourage your daughter to be the one getting bent over the hood or to be putting things in her mouth?

My WTF comes from being a single Dad raising four kids - three of them girls. Every time a young man is encouraged to go do these things - you should keep in mind that you are encouraging him to take advantage of someone's daughter.
Having a Daughter of one's own, makes one think a little differently. I have a 26 yr old... Felt the same as you do and still feel that way. I was a young man once, and sometimes feel like a complete heel for having been one... Somehow glad I lived through those years. Especially knowing how I felt as a father/Dad.
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