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Default Re: Things that make you say.... WTF?

Hey hey hey!!!!!

What the fuck? Every generation feels the elder one is fucked up, and the older it getsz the more fucked up it feels the younger generation is. Think about this.... Now that you are parents, think back to all the shit your parents did and said thought was so.far fucking off the wall that you swore on your life you'd never be like them..... Looking back now, how wrong were you?

Now, I agree, when I was a kid, we played with cars, frogs, snakes, rode bikes, skateboards, did all kinds of stupid crazy.shit, but we didn't have sex. That shit never even crossed our minds that you really did that sort of thing. Yeah, you thought about it, didn't REALLY happen...

Now days it happens all the time. So those of us who grew up in the "age of innocence" can't believe that kids are having sex at 11, 12, 13 years old, because at that age, we weren't thinking about that. Yeah everyone wanted to kiss/date/whatever Catherine Bach (Daisy Duke for you youngsters) and Linda Carter (Wonder Woman) but we didn't try to bang littte Susie down the street.

It like all the dumbasses who did LSD in the 60's, Coke int the 70's, Crack in the 90's think it's totally off the fucking chart that someone would do Meth. But to a meth head, losing all their teeth, aging by decades in a matter of months, and sucking dick for their next dose of drain cleaner is perfectly acceptable. Now marijuana is "legal" in a couple states, and soon to be in several more, yet it's still illegal accounting to the US Government...

Personally, I think they all need to smoke a bowl from the end of a loaded .45. Yes I have a fucked up view on life, but it's my view, you don't have to share it.
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