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Default Re: Things that make you say.... WTF?

I did a radio show for 18 months. WLRA 88.1FM LOCK 88 "The Hix Mix from 3 to 6". It was all 80's stuff. I had all the regular requests but I always threw something in there nobody knew or remembered. Michael Jackson Beat it? Easy. But let's see who remembers Living in a Box by Living in a Box. I played B sides and lots of unknown stuff. People would call in saying it was either crap since they never heard of it or wanted to know if it was a new release/ why was I playing new stuff on an 80's show. I really miss doing it. We got away with so much stupidity on the air and in the studio. (manually remixing on a $$$$ cart player, unbalancing the $$$ turntable so it played some funky stuff, announcing the list of the seven dirty words, describing Michael Bolton's stuff as "music to get laid by" and assorted other antics...)
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