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Originally Posted by V8Transporter View Post
Why is the lack of qualified 'hands on' talent bemoaned when shop classes are eliminated at Junior high and high schools?
This.. fucking this. I got a better education in a country school. Automotive 1 & 2 welding 1 & 2 General metals 1 & 2 Electrical and plumbing. All shit you can't find in the cities. I've used EVERYTHING I'VE LEARNT in those classes yet my IB french and IB literature class.Nothing! I'm a freaking English geek and those classes did bugger all. Maybe people would not be failing if you gave other options then fucking social programs. They cut woodshop when I left the cities, fuckin' hell. Oh well while all of my friends are bitchin' about college and debt I'll be happy with welding certification because there's an demand for that!
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So JiI is an older DrHax? are sooo fucked!
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