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I don't have one of them thar "smart phones". I did just set up a imgur account and will try it out right now!

So, I got all my parts in from CarCraftStore.
I heated the crank gears (Straight-cut) on the stove and popped them on.

The I-beam rods did not have the bolts with them for some reason, but the guys at car craft got them in the mail to me quick! Great guys to deal with!

Got the block all cleaned up.

90.5's cleaned

Assembled the rest of the crank

put it in

W120 cam with straight cut gear

short block together

jugs and cool tins

oil pump, crank pulley, etc

I am going to finish putting it together and get it running this weekend. I am supposed to have it in a show on the 12th, so I gotta get on it every chance I get between now and then!! I will keep you posted!
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That bike makes my scrotum cry...
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