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Originally posted by cybernotchback@Jun 10 2005, 10:40 AM
Killer work John.  Maybe make the tops of the eyebrows a bit more rounded.  They seem a bit too flat for the contour of the T3 fenders.  Otherwise I think you nailed the Tri-5 Chevy/ledsled look perfectly. 

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Looking at the pictures that you guys see, I can see why you get the sense that they are squared off. It is really an optical illusion! The reworked sheetmetal is rounded not flattened on top.

There is a radius change but it is small. The illusion come from the fact that there is a bit of an extra eyebrow at the top of the arc. I will have to post some pics from directly overhead and from straight on.

I think the illusion will work once the roof is chopped. It is going to look much flatter since it will be low and wide.

Thanks for all the feedback though. I am considering adding a small peak to the top of the fenders, similar to the one on the hood. It would start at the front of the headlight bucket and then fade out near the rear of the fender.
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