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Default Re: My newest VW, the "Fire Bug"

Well gosh darn, I took those pictures in the 1st post the day after I got the 69 home, which was October 18th 2010, I had hoped to be driving it by the end of October.

What was I thinking, I'm not as young as I once was, I'm not has healthy as I once was, matter-o-fact, I'm just flat slow.

Most of you all work a job, and some how seem to get a lot of work done either on weekends, or week nights after you get home from work. I haven't worked now for almost 10 years and 4 months (if ya wanna know how many day's I can tell ya, even counting leap years, which should be an off day each year it falls on a Monday thru Friday, that's a whole other topic I won't get into) Anyhow I'd love to go back to work, but I settle for working on my cars and all my other projects. I also dislike cold weather and the snow and ice which go along with super cold weather, see I get cold anywhere below 60 degrees F unless the sun is shining nice and bright, I can even tolerate as low as 30 degrees as long as the sun is shining, anything below that, or the sun hiding I can do without.

So here it is almost the end of Jan 2011 and I almost have this 69 read to drive. I still need to get the headlights wired up along with the turn signals up front, then get the brake lights and turn signals wired up in the rear, the tail lights are already wired up.

I have bit of welding to finish up around the front of the heater channels and the front firewall (why do they call it a fire wall when the engine is in the rear? is it because the fuel tank is up front? ).

I just finished putting all the glass in except the rear oval, I have a seal for it, I just need to get a piece of Lexan and cut me out an oval window. I also put the disc brake setup I had on my Dune Buggy, next is to check the rear brakes and if they look good I'll get them bled and she's ready to drive.

I still need to fab up some front shock mounts for it as the P/O turned the bean as far down as it could go and I don't wanna cut and turn it back up any just yet. I do have a set of short shocks off an old motorcycle that seen to have the right amount of travel for the suspension, I just need to make some new mounts as well as make some new head light mounts, I believe they are a bit to low as per the ORC, I'll need to go back and reread it again then measure and see.

I don't wanna set a time as to when I plan to have it drivable by like I did when I got it, (I needed to get a 2nd car that was drivable at the time, but we made due when I didn't succeed in making my dead line) I just plan to have it ready to drive sometime this year, hopefully before the 1st 6 months pass.

Well enough of my talking (typing).
Here are some pic's to show all my activities since the last post.....

floor pan and heater channel -

Big hole behind rear seat -

the start of covering the hole -

with rear seat in place -

behind the rear seat -

Well that's all for now as for pictures, the rest of the work didn't need pictures, it was just rewire behind the dash (don't know what happened behind there, but it just ain't right) and the addition of disc brakes I put on the front, still need to get the rear drums off and then check them and make sure it doesn't need them.
Then it's just some odds and ends and it's ready to drive.

I'll most likely drive it all summer while I get another car fixed, then next winter I hope to chop the top and possibly put suicide doors on as well as few other things I wanna do to it.

I just can't wait till it get's back up into the mid to hi 90's, it just never gets here fast enough, and before I know it, it's gone

"Can't" is a word that means your to lazy to even try.


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