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Default Re: My newest VW, the "Fire Bug"

Well gosh dern, all this time and energy I spent on this car and I haven't updated my build page.

Not to much to say other than what fun it is to drive a Bug again

I'll just add some pictures and type less, or just type when I feel it needs an explanation to something I did.

This next picture shows how far the front beam was cut and turned by the P/O

This is an uncut beam which I did go ahead and put on, raised it up by almost 6 inches

After the uncut beam was installed

Before switching the front beam with a pop can to show how low it is

After switching the beams

It has settled down a bit and I took off the coil-over shocks as well which lowered it another inch or more.

Rear fenders added because the Law pulled up next to my Bug while I was in the store, he told me that he has seen me driving it more and more so I should put some kind of fenders on it unless it is just a weekend nice day driving car, so since it's gonna be my daily driver I added the rear fenders

I still need to do something to fill in the apron gap, not sure just how I'm gonna do it yet

I also put a front bumper on it,I still need to build some brackets so I can put the matching rear bumper on

I have also started to put a disc brake setup on the rear of the Bug, it already has front disc brakes and I have the entire rear disc brake setup off 1 of my oldest son's 92 Honda Accords which has disc brakes on all 4 corners.
I had to use some old not so good rear VW drums and cut them to fit in the rotors, I just turned them on my lathe until they were the right size

I think this is a picture of the modified VW drum on a rear bearing housing I cut out of the rear trailing arms

I got the bracket cut out but still need to bore a hole in it so it fits over the bearing housing flange and bearing cap, I also need to drill the 4 screw holes so the bearing cap will bolt on thru the brackets.
I will get started on the caliper brackets tomorrow if I get the spark plug holes all heli-coiled so my plugs don't shoot out while driving, once I get the center bore cut to size and the 4 screw holes drilled so it will bolt on, then I need to get a new set of brake pads so I can make sure the brackets don't need any bending so the calipers are in the correct position, then I'll need to find the parking brake cable from the Honda so I can connect the ends to the calipers and make them work with the parking brake cable on the car now.

Then my work will go towards the front end, 1st is a set of front fenders which I'm gonna try to make myself from scratch by pounding them out of sheet metal, then fill in the original wheel wells up front so it looks a bit cleaner.

So I have plenty of time, very little energy, but I try to do something to it a few days a week unless I'm having a bad day, then either I do nothing but rest, or I just work 3 times slower than I already do, which by the way is usually 15 minutes of working, then 15 minutes of rest, so that's 30 minutes of work every hour, but it is all a part of my physical therapy. I hope to be able to get 40 minutes of work done in an hours time by the end of the summer.

We shall see how that works out, I just wish I had more iron in my body, I have been getting iron infusions once a week for 5 weeks, it was only once a year but now it is probly gonna be 2 times a year. I'm also anemic which makes you tired and energy-less, but I fight it all the time by pushing myself all the time, now I wish I had built my garage/workshop 84 feet closer to the back of my house, it is 85 feet from the back of the house now and it's up hill, not really that steep until you get about 30 feet from the garage door.

Enough talk, time to go to bed soon so I can get my engine's spark plug holes all heli-coiled and put back together, then work on adjusting my dual carbs so they are in sync better than they are at the moment.

"Can't" is a word that means your to lazy to even try.


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