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Default Re: My newest VW, the "Fire Bug"

I reassembled the engine after putting on another set of heads, I also checked the carbs and the float levels were difference by an 1/8 an inch, so I got them within 0.020 of an inch, now I just need my manometer to synchronize them.

So early in the morning I'm gonna finish boring the hole in my disc brake caliper bracket,then drill the 4 boles which the bearing cap goes on and the bracket goes between the bearing cap and the rear bearing housing where the stub axles go, then put them on and make sure I get them where they go and mark them So the calipers are in the correct position.

I was worried about the bracket needing an offset bend to make the calipers with pads centered where they need to be.

Hope to get them on Monday unless I need to make a bend so they are in the correct position.

Wish me luck

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