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Default Re: My newest VW, the "Fire Bug"

Lot's happened since I last updated this build page
So here goes,

Once the heads went on I get it in and everything set, start it up and everything seems ok for about 2 days
Let it sit because of rain for 3 days straight, go out to start it up and the blow-by issue kept me from driving it.
I replace the P/C's with a used set, has good compression
So I have been driving it since, adding this and that and slowly getting things how I want them

I added front sheet metal to replace the missing parts along with the front apron, now maybe I can seal it off so I don't have the wind coming thru the dash, when you get hot, you just drive faster (turn the fan on hi, it's a variable speed fan operated with the accelerator pedal, push and it goes faster )

Got my hands on a uni-sync and hope to get the carbs set as good as they are gonna get. I fooled with them yesterday for about 20 minutes and it did stop the popping, but after driving up the street and back the idle dropped down and wouldn't stay running
It did seem to have much more power then before, I hope this helps my mileage

I never did get the rear disc brakes finished, I just need to modify the caliper brackets, gonna weld a piece on so the calipers will bolt on in the right location so the caliper moves as the pads wear

Here are some pictures

Right front sheet metal

Front apron

Beam bracing and front body mount, still in the works

Front wheel wells with cardboard patterns, hope to have enough sheet metal to do both sides (I may hafta use the 2 Honda Accord hoods my son has sitting here), if not I can just enclose the front section so it's much more rigid, I can do the fender wells later

Plenty more to come, it's slowly coming together, but then again I'm slow as well

So it's ALL Good, C'ya

"Can't" is a word that means your to lazy to even try.


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