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Default Re: My newest VW, the "Fire Bug"

Got my hands on a set of lowered spindles and put them on Friday afternoon, took it for a drive that night and it sits about as low as it did when I first got the car which had the beam cut and turned about as far as it possibly could be turned while on the car, the ride sucked as it bottomed out having maybe 2 inches of suspension travel

I put a stock beam back on with no adjusters, it was only lowered with the beam extender which I believe was made by Tin Beater and sat up purty high

well now it sits real low, my tag drags the ground and hits all the speed bumps as well as the curb when pulling into my driveway

Well here are a few pictures showing ride height using a Mt Dew can

The 1st is when I got the car, then after I changed beams, and finally after the lowered spindles were put on this past Friday

I don't think I'll need to drop the body down much except in the rear, I may just get away with turning the spring plates a few notches and then get some taller and wider rear wheels and tires and it's ready for a Top Chop

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