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Default Re: My newest VW, the "Fire Bug"

So I removed the rear fenders, added a new exhaust system, as well as added a set of coil over shocks I had laying around that were from a Yamaha Blaster, I wanna lower them to the lowest notch after I get the engine back in, this morning I started installing the new set of piston rings I've had for a few months now

It should run much better, it was starting to burn a lot of oil and I was gettin g a lot of blow by again, so I did buy a new set of rings rather than keep using used rings, this makes the 4th time I have had the heads off to replace a piston ring or two over the last year, tomorrow 3/15/2012 will be 366 days since I took it on it's first drive

No pictures of the engine, but here are a few after I put the exhaust on and removed the rear fenders, it sits up a bit high, but I 'm starting to like it, may drop the shocks now as far as they will go

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