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Default Re: My newest VW, the "Fire Bug"

I finally got around to making a different seat fit inside the V-Rod, they were from a 1992 Honda Accord, they are so much more comfy to sit in than the stock VW seats

I didn't need a passengers seat this week, so I did the passengers side so I can have everything cut, welded, and ready to go when I do the drivers seat (tomorrow morning)

They are tan, but I may be able to use the VW seat covers on the Honda seats after some slight altercations, it looks like only the bottom covers will work, I'll need to remove the seat back cover & see if I can alter it to fit the seat backs, but their gonna stay tan for a while

Here is the bottom of the seat

Here it is next to the uncovered VW seat, as you can see the cover may fit on the Honda seats with a bit of altering, not sure about the seat back covers, but I may just make my own seat covers when I decide on material I wanna use

Once I stripped the main part of the VW seat bottoms down to just the frame (so they can be used in most early VW Bugs until 73)

Here it is in the car reclined & upright, I still need to weld the seat bottoms to the sliding VW seat mount

Tomorrow I'll weld & finish the passengers seat, then get the drivers seat out & get it finished

By using the VW seat frame it should be very easy to lower them down when I get around to the top chop, I'll worry about that when the time comes, I just want something more comfortable than worn out VW seats


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