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Default Re: My newest VW, the "Fire Bug"

So, I've been using bungy cords to hold my deck lid & hood closed for a while, I have wanted to use an old leather belt to keep the back end closed, & keep it from bouncing open on the large bumps, then I bought another leather belt yesterday & put it on the hood

Now they stay closed, & look good too

That's about as exciting as it's gonna get for a while, I'm just having to much fun driving the hell out of it
All new ball joints & tie rod ends sure make a difference when you going 85 mph on the highway (been doing a lotta highway driving lately), & that's just to keep up with traffic, I can cruise at 90 & it rides purty smooth
Now all I need are some wider tires up front (widening 2 VW wheels to 6-1/2 inches), since I went back to the original size up front, the tires chirp when braking hard, but it stops really good, when it's wet, you drive very slowly
I hope to buy 2 new rear calipers so I can get the rear disc brake set-up on, it should stop real good then

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