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Now that the Volksrod Hood Ornament patterns are done and I am just waiting for the foundry to finish their part....

I got out in the garage today and got back to working on the Sled. I had previously put the rear subframe up on an engine stand so I could start getting it read for the air ride. I stripped all the brake stuff for rebuild and in preparation for doing a trailing arm swap. I wanted to do the swap to prevent excessive camber when I lower it all the way down.

So I tackled the swap today. Started out pulling the trailing arms off. Since I plan to still run shocks with the air ride, I had to cut the lower shock mounts off and swap them bottom to top AND left to right.

I also cut the bumpstop mounts off the trailing arms. Didn't bother to reattach them....who needs freakin' bump stops? We don't need need no freakin' bump stops!

While I had it apart I also swap the spring plates from left to right. This let me still use all 4 bolts between the spring plate and the trailing arm. This was a super easy swap since Brian Fye and I had previously removed the torsion bars.

As you can see, I still need to swap the brake backing plates so the adjusters are back at the bottom and the wheel cylinder is on top. Will have to probably wait until it is back in the car and on the ground in order to get the rear axle nut loose.

I also picked up a variable speed polisher/sander to use with my shrinking disk. It has a bit higher RPM than my old one so the disk should work a bit faster. Going to be working on smoothing out the rear fenders this week.

Felt good to be out making sparks and welding stuff again.
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