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Finally getting back to the fun stuff. Hopefully getting my chassis back in the next couple weeks so I can get going on that. In the meantime, I worked on getting the body cut back off the chassis. If you saw my first thread you know the body got welded down. I bassically have just cut the floor out. I'm going to keep the frame rail/"heater channel" pieces I made and will put my body mounts through them.

I took off the fenders and cut away what was left of the rear apron mounts. I'm going to follow the shape of the deck lid and fill in the back to make it like a trunk. I will also be putting my fuel cell in there.

I also got to work measuring and marking out where the front was going to get cut off at. I stopped it right in front of the hinges. This will let me keep the hinges in place and have a mini hood. I wanted to do this so I could have access to all my wiring under the dash. stopping it here also put my pedal placement pretty close to where it was stock. I also won't need to move my steering wheel location. The front line in the picture is where it will be cut off. I will be making a flat panel from top to bottom where the wheel arch is.

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