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Progress has been a little slow, but I got back to it this weekend. Got into some more cutting on the body. Just a few more cuts and it will be free again.

Finally got my chassis back home so I can get going on that. It's a 2004 GMC Sanoma chassis. Regular cab, short box. It has a 108" wheel base so I won't have to cut the middle of the frame for what I'm doing.

Here's my new leaf springs. They are for a Jeep YJ. They are the same width as the Sanoma springs. But they are are 44" eye to eye instead of 57". this will bring my rear end forward a couple inches and lower the car a bit too. I was eyeballing them in the below picture. You can see a bit how much it will shorten the end.

This picture shows how much my new shackle mount will come forward.

This is the new rad I picked up. It's a champion 3 core aluminum rad. Looking like it should do good to keep things cool.

Here it is sitting in my grill shell. Was eye balling it to check the fit.

Got these headlight buckets from Speedway Motors. Really diggin em. I'm going to run the conversion bulb with led lights. Use the little built in amber leds for my signal lights. Have a pretty good idea for headlight brackets. Just need to see how it all works out.

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