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Well things have been a little slow, but over the holidays I managed to get a big step done. New leafs on the back and the body resting on the new chassis!

Here's a look at the new leaf spring mounts all welded in. Just used poly bushing for a Jeep CJ and it worked out good.

Here's a shot of everything all mounted. leaving the back open for now, because I may be working on a hitch to tow a teardrop trailer.

Here's mow much I was able to take off the frame. Brought my wheelbase down to 105"

Time for these two to get to know each other!!

Here's the body resting on the S10 chassis. Now onto the fun stuff! mounts and floors!

Body is sitting right about where I thought it would. Will definitely be getting some blocks and springs or spindles to bring the altitude down a bit. Still got lots of work do to, but stoked to be at this point!!
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