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What's up everyone. Here's a little update. Been cold, but I've been working away with my little 1970 space heater and lots of layers...haha I've only really been able to get a couple days a week of work in, but trying to make the best of that time. Now that I got some more daylight and some warmer weather, I should be able to get moving on this. My goal is to hit a big show that goes on around here on June 1st. I would like to be driving before then, but that's my real goal.

First Item on the list was to get new rocker rails in there becuase I cut the old ones out.

Next I mocked up my filler panel so I knew were I had to pie cut the front to match the body line.

Did some reshaping of the A pillar to flow a little better and match the witch of my rocker bar.

Next up was fire wall structure and support. There will still be some more support going across the front, but I want to get the engine and trans in first to see where it needs to go.

Next I got started on some floor structure. Wanted to get solid side to side bracing in and a rough idea of where my tunnel structure was going to be.

Once that was all put in there I got stared on the body mounts. Just used some 3" x 3" .125" I sleeved the rocker bar so it wouldn't crush. Found a good idea to use a boat roller for Body mounts. We'll see how long they actually hold up, but seems like some sturdy rubber. It was $9 for the roller and I got 8 mounts out of it will some extra left over. Used 1/2" grade 8 bolts and welded a nut to the topside of my rocker bar. I have 4 mount done and I'm going to add 2 more at the back under the package tray.

I welded a bar in the front of the package tray to give some support between the wheel wells, but also to make a mounting point for my floor structure.

Next I added more bars but inside the rocker bars. I wanted a nice solid mounting point where my floor meets the rocker, so I welded the floor bar solid to the rocker bar. This gives me a nice 1" sill and I will just spot wold and seam seal my floor pans to the top. I didn't want use seam seal there so I just welded it all they way across. some some bonus extra strength as well. Started working on the tunnel structure as well.

Once I had a couple of the tunnel hoops fully welded in, I cut the center out of the back support. I haven't added the front one yet because I need to see where the trans will end up.

Added some rod around the back for some structure and to make a latch for my deck lid. Which will now be my trunk lid. I also started working on the template for the trunk. Making it as large as I can. I have a small fuel cell I pickup up for cheap, but i will get a larger one in the future. Well as Larger as I can

Scored these nice headlight housings with a blue dot center and a signal light built in. Will help keep the front nice and clean.

Also Pickup up some 3" blocks to bring it down some. Was sitting a little too high for my liking. Need to get some springs for the front to do the same. Sitting pretty funny right

Things are moving at a pretty good pace now so you'll probably see more frequent updates. Hope to be rolling soon!
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