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Got my floor frame from the a pillar back all done this week. Need to drop my engine and trans in to do from the a pillar forward. That should be going in this week. I used grade 8 bolts welded into 1/8" c channel for my seat mounts. Wanted to made sure I had them mounted into something solid.

Got started on some templates for the floor pan. Time to get going on some sheet metal!

Rolled it out of the tent this weekend so I could turn it around. Finally got to take a step back and get a good look. Happy with how things are looking so far! Still need to bring the front end down a bit. I have a set of Cragar Drag Lites to go on it. Fatties int eh back and skinny's up front. Have a set of 31" tires coming for the back and still haven't figured out what I'm going to run on the front.

Now that the front is facing out, I had to set the grill shell in place and see what it's going to look like. I still need to cut the front rails short and built my core support. Like how it's looking though! Like I mentioned before, it's gong to have a bit of a goofy looking side profile. But as soon as it's driving, I'm going to get started on another chassis for it.

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