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Default Re: Tools for Creativity


"It reminds me of a waterfall, this experience of life. Water pours off the precipice and in its free fall to the bottom, individual drops form. They are distinct from the main flow and unique for the brief tenure of their flight. From this perspective, each drop becomes an entity in and of itself. It experiences the forces acting upon it. It conforms and yet maintains its integrity until the brief course is over and it once again is shattered and reformed into the river below.
We struggle to maintain this precious vantage, to learn, to see with new perspective, but in the end we are reabsorbed and reformed. Our time is brief. If seen in a galactic reference, it is immeasurably brief, yet we know innately how precious life is. It is through consciousness that we are able to slow down the moment and succor the experience. How sweet are those moments that linger, they are the pearls we string on the necklace of our lives."


"There are definite seasons which mark our creative lives. I was born in winter and it is as good a place as any to start. Winter is a dormant time, a time when all living things withdraw. It is also marks the transformation from what was, to what will be. We call on our reserves to bring us through this season. The experiences that we have gathered through the hectic times of growth and harvest are now called on for succor. It can be a dark and cold time for the creative soul. Winter tests our resolve and measures our strength.
The cold slows everything down, locking it into crystalline form. Patterns emerge that could not be seen in the frantic activity of the other seasons. If we approach this season with dread then we miss the opportunity to learn from it. If we cling to our warm weather visions then we miss the patterns that the frost reveals. It is not pleasant to be cold and so we stack the firewood against it and huddle near the stove to drive it off. But it is an insistent cycle that we must go through if we are to emerge and grow. What keeps us going is faith and hope. We find that deep inside. Winter is a season of cold grace"


"Those first few days of Spring warm the heart. It is a joyful time, a time of rebirth and growth. The landscape slowly begins to show color. Buds appear on the trees, the grass greens and the birds begin to return. Life emerges from the frozen ground, the air is filled with song. Creativity can emerge like the Spring, warming the spirit with its excitement These early stirrings need to be protected against a late frost so we start gently. Pulling back the compost, exposing the roots again, mindful of how delicate those first shoots can be, we are careful in our labors.
I have just been through a long winter of the spirit. There were very dark nights and cold like I have never experienced before, but the season is beginning to change and I feel hope again. I wandered through my life like a dream, searching for what only an awakened spirit can perceive and finding only illusions. But the season is definitely changing and I feel an awareness of life and my connection to it that exists outside the storyline in my mind. I have hope again. Too early to see what new forms will emerge, excited by the prospect, I sit quietly and feel alive."

Don Fogg


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