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Default 2016 New Year Hopes
Re:: Let's make it a good year   

I have read through previous year's "hopes and dreams" threads.

It seems that life seems to change many of our plans (I can definitely say mine )

I have to laugh that many of the things that I have wanted to accomplish keep going unaccomplished. So I wonder if those are actually things that I want to keep aspiring to complete.

I think that they are - and all I am going to try to do this year is to not be derailed from my plans. This is the year to make several things happen that need to in order to make my next ten to fifteen years go like I want them to.

So, having said that, here is what I would like to work on this year.

1. Be a better me. Work on my health, organization and time management.

2. Quit "not starting" things because I know that they are hard. Just take a step, do one thing toward each goal - then maybe because I will be closer to finishing, take another...

I hope that each of you has a wonderful 2016 - and maybe some of us will actually get together this year!

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