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Re:: usefull stuff   

Way back, before the Internet, Harbor Freight, and Princess Auto, tools and information were much harder to find.
Here are some vintage How To articles of interest:

Many of these came from
They cater mostly to the chopper bike crowd,
but some of the stuff is useful to us as well.
Lathe Finishing

Paint Gun Maintenance

Make a Sheet Metal Brake

Drills and Taps

Reamers and Counter Bores

Metalwork Quick Tips

Marking Metal

Lathe Tips

More Lathe Tips

Painting with Spray Cans

Make an Angle Post for your Lathe

Modify a Wood Cutting Bandsaw to cut metal

Lathe Toolbits for odd jobs

Old School Soldering

Make a Welding Vise

Backyard Heat Treating

Hot Painting Tips

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