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Re:: brake line   

We are still working on the Scout. Daddy had a big story about it, but he told me I can do this part. So this is my first how to do it post ever. I made all new brake lines from a big roll not little pieces that already have the ends on it. The first ones daddy did to show me how. He made the two that go from the tires to the middle and I made the one that goes from there all the way to the front.

First you have to cut the line and file the end so it was smooth and get the inside smooth too. That way it will fold over right. Then you have to put the nut on the line. Don't forget. I forgot the first time and had to do it over. Then you put it in the holder tool. You have to use the black piece to measure to make sure it isn't to short or to long.

Then you turn the black piece over and stick the peg inside the line and make sure that it is even. If it is lower on one side it will not do good.

Then when it is even, you tighten the clamp down until it stops.

This is how it should look. The hole in the tube is in the middle not off to the side.

Then you put the clamp back on, but this time don't use the black part. You just use the clamp and tighten it until it stops.

When you take the clamp off it should look like this.

Then you take the holder tool off and use a file to smooth the places where the holder made cuts in the line. If you don't the nut doesn't turn good and it is hard to tighten when you put it on the truck.

Then you bend it. But that is part of daddy's story so he gets to tell you about that.
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