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I know I have the oval to do, but the plans for that have got out of hand (expensive ideas!) So I've decided to build something closer to my original brief 'to build a Volksrod for as close to a grand as possible' :)

I bought this '72 1200 for 320 + 50 for delivery (less than the oval shell :o )... has a cracking little 1200 engine that's in very good order, the gearbox is good too. The brakes all work as they should, and the electrics (for now) all work.

The body is poorly, but as I rod it most of the crap will go, especially as it's going to be a pick up ;)

So the plan in brief is to move the body back by 9" (no frame extender), 4.5" chop, and 4.5" channel. I had planned to just blank the back of the cab off with what effectively would be a flat sheet with a window, but having looked at a few pick ups have decided to go the extra mile and create a rear roof gutter and compound curved roof and a wide'n'low rear window. Long bonnet, wooden load bed, wood crate engine cover, evil sunvisor, banded GT's steels, General Grabbers, matt black and red......let's see how all that goes :lol:

This one is Moler Inc, I've had this logo for a while...

...and it'll adorn the doors when finished :)

This is an outside project, as the split has the garage, so fine days only on this :rolleyes:

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