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Right I'll start with purchases, I have now got a pair of pans and a naps hat courtesy of VWH's 10% off on halloween. I've also got a pair of buggy cannons (jury's still out on whether they'll get used!!) and a pair of headlights.

I've got the front off finally, despite previous owners attempts to make them 'as one'...

...I haven't looked closely at the this yet, but already know it needs a lot of work, hopefully the cross panel is salvageable??...

...with the front out the way, and more of the floor gone, the spine reveals it ugly secrets...

...the framehead, as you'd expect, has seen lots of work too. The recent closing plate is coming off as I'll require something a little longer once things are moved back.

So this is what I have today, quite excited really, always wanted to do a bug floorpan :lol:

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