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Default Re: A lil help?

I know this board may seem dead, and I only voice my own opinions, but I don't think this is the place for politics..

of all the shit going on, you want to complain about another herbie movie? fuck it, let em make whatever dumb movies they want to..

this is a place to talk about modifying VW's in a way that most don't. this is where we come to brag about our mcgyver'ing skills, and stare in aww at the skills of those better than us. I don't come here to get involved in protests about "beloved" characters, i come here to see cutting, welding, and driving..

I lack the talent to weld, but I do cut some shit, and I've been trying to do more driving. leave the protests to the snowflakes.. until they come after our gasoline engines full force, then fuck em, let em see a fight..

again, purely MY opinions, not those of the board, it's owner, or it's supporters, just me.

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