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Default Re: shot bag and hammers

Shaping is a whole new world. If you have the experience already... it's probably no big deal. I've been studying and studying and have yet to turn out a usable piece... this for over 4 years now. Watch lots of "Lazze" videos and Ron Fournier and Wray Schellin videos on youtube and do what you can. Like any seriously good work, there is a cost to tools and materials. I suggest looking up homemade Metal shaping tools as well. Making your own shaping hammer is doable using a protector top off a welding tank (oxy or acet.), and a thick wall piece of tubing if you have a way to weld them together. Shot bag not as necessary as you may think, as long as you have some sort of solid table to work with. You can make a shrinking Stump out of a stump as well... fairly cheap if you can find a good stump.

Give it hell. Cheap English wheels may or may not still be available at Harbor Freight. You may be able to find someone near you that has one... I have one, but I'm not nearby.
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