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OK, I have a little time now.

Engine: I plan to keep it stock right now, or what ever is in it. Its a 71-72 1600cc.

Paint: Blitz Black.

Body/Window Seals: All white seals and beading.

Windows: 5 windows tinted red.

Headliner: What headliner. I ripped a nice white liner out and I'm planning to plaster it with sticker. Help the cause mail me stickers!

Seats: Seats are fine. Driver seat has a rip at the top. I'm going to sew it with BalerTwine. Seat coveres maybe. Thought about a bench, but not bench..

Door Panels: I'm going to use plexi with red tint on the inside.

Dash: Its already orig. red paint. I'm keeping it red... So everything is being painted Blitz Black but the dash. I mean everything...

Chassic: The best part is! Its already lowered. Its not even 6" under the beam..... I have to lower the rear a little.

Bumpers: Comes with overriders...... Love it!!!

Rims: Red rims with white wall tires.

Trim: What trim??

Muffler: I have a Cherry Bomb muffler for it....

Cut the roof and put a rag top on it.
Do a rake chop on it.
Shave the turn signals.
Decklid: cut so theres a 2" rim around the lid and weld in the expandable metal mesh to form a decklid. (PA you have to have your engine covered).
Safari Window... I really want one, I need help on making one..
Running Boards: yes/no????
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