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OK I know its been a while. Time is not on my side here. I did get alot of stuff done I think. The frame is taking longer then What I planned but I'm a detailed person. The little details pay out in my opinion..

So last time I sandblasted the frame and primered it.

Since then, we welded the floor pans in and the front yoke in too.

As you can see we had to do a little work on the bottom, so why crawl under when you can just lift it up?

We painted the front axel and got that look sweet.


Now thats not a final pic. But it is finished just don't have a new pic of it.

Then we did the under coating. Man did this stuff work great.. I really love how it turned out.

I think the kit was like 55 dollars. I don't think that was bad. Now we did use 2 big cans so far and I didn't even touch the body yet. Its just like rubber tar. You WILL get a buzz painting with it.

Yea don't think you can use a Wagner Paint sprayer with that crap. The piston heats it up to much and just turns to TAR!! I have all the parts soaking in gas for 2 weeks now. Just use the roller and a brush.

I do have to get new pics in tonight. This weekend its a rolling chassic then. We are have a 3.5 weekend to start on the body. I can't wait.
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