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Got more pics lastnight.

I was at a flea market and I was looking for STICKERS and some other stuff for the car. I found a beer can that I wanted for a coil cover for on the engine. Its great. Its all about low riders and FAT chicks.

OK... so now the floor pans. Like I said before I did undercoat everything. Here are some more pics.

I also lowered the rear 4" with the torsion bars. I move the outside splines 2 splines. Before, it cambered really really bad with no weight on it. Now its pretty much straight with no weight.

I think I'll be bottoming out ALL the time. I'm thinking about a 2 inch tranny lift to help with the camber?

Heres a side view.

I'm still waiting for tires. I have to call a guy today about them. He has some OddBall ones that I'm looking for.

Here are the Rims. I sandblasted them. They took about 45-60 min. each to get the crap off them. Labor of love. I think thay turned out great. I have 1 coat of clear in the pics. I want atleast 4 coats on them.

Heres what I'm working beside in the garage. My buddies 66 Nova. Its a really nice car.

Last week he took the Nova out and I took the wife's Coronet 500 out and had a little fun with them on 81...

My wife's 67 Dodge Coronet 500.
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