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I finally started on the body now. ITS BAD!! I knew I had to replace the heater channels, floor pans and the right rear wheelhouse section. Then I found that I had to replace the front firewall (bulk wall). Luckly we already had the front fire wall with the car. So I started there. I cut that out and the drivers side heater channel. I did weld bracing in the car before we lifted the body off the frame. My welds aren't great looking but I thought the would hold. I did have one weld break loose. But I did save it with visegrips. That was scary since I was standing in the body when it left loose. OH WELL! Here some pics of the front fire wall. and channels before I cut them out.

Like I said I cut the fire wall out and the driver side channel.

Heres what saved my ass!!!!

As you look at the front wall you can see the bottom of both front wheelhousings are gone. They are rivited galv. metal to them. I was going to leave them slid BUT, I noticed the rear crossmembers are shot too. I was going to just bend metal into them BUT, WHY? I did a little sweet talking to the wife and she left me order some replacement metal. They will be here this week. Then there won'y be any crappy patch work on it. Thats COOL!!! So I'm replacing the whole lower part of the body that bolts to the chassis.

My plans coming together. I have always wanted a SOLID BEETLE! Theres only one way to have one of those on my budget. DO IT YOURSELF!!!! I'm so happy!
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